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Seasonal Candies

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Easter Mix
Starting at $5.95
Out of Stock
1 LB Deluxe Easter Mix. Spring candy mix like jell…
Easter Nonpareils
Out of Stock
1/4 LB Box of Easter Milk and Dark Nonpareils in E…
Foil Eggs
Starting at $6.95
Out of Stock
1 lb solid premium milk or dark chocolate eggs, wr…
Jelly Bean Filled Easter Egg
Out of Stock
Milk or Dark Jelly Bean Filled Easter Egg
Three Pound Box of 49 Flavors of Jelly Belly Jelly…
Jelly Beans, Black
Starting at $4.50
Out of Stock
Licorice flavored jelly beans
Jelly Beans, Pectin Jelly Belly
Starting at $4.95
Out of Stock
The traditional flavors: Cherry, Grape, Lemon, Lim…
Jelly Beans, Standard
Starting at $4.50
Out of Stock
Standard jelly beans
Jelly Belly Speckled Chocolate Malted Milk Eggs
Starting at $6.50
Out of Stock
Speckled Chocolate Malted Eggs from Jelly Belly. C…
Maple Cream Eggs
Out of Stock
Box of 6 chocolate Easter eggs with maple cream in…
Mint Meltaway Eggs
Out of Stock
Box of 6 mint meltaway Easter eggs.
Peanut Butter Eggs
Out of Stock
Box of 6 chocolate Easter eggs with peanut butter …
Pecan Caramel Delight Eggs
Out of Stock
Box of 6 Chocolate Pecan Caramel Delight Eggs
Pecan Meltaway Eggs
Out of Stock
Box of 6 pecan meltaway Easter eggs.
Ting-a-Ling Nests
Out of Stock
Box of 6 chocolate ting-a-ling nests.
Valentine's Candy - Bulk
Out of Stock
Free Shipping
10 or more 5 pc. heart-shaped boxes
Valentine's Day Chocolates 1/2lb Boxes
Valentine's Day Chocolates 1lb Boxes
Valentine's Nonpareils - Bulk
Out of Stock
Free Shipping
10 or more boxes of nonpareils with pink, red and …
Vanilla Marshmallow Eggs
Out of Stock
Box of 15 vanilla marshmallow Easter eggs.
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Seasonal Chocolates & Candy Handmade in Milwaukee

Holiday chocolates have always been a popular decadent treat, even during the Depression when Kehr’s first started making candy. We have always made, and will always make, delicious seasonal chocolates from the best ingredients available. Find chocolate Santas, Easter Bunnies and more seasonal chocolates and candy at Kehr’s Candies in the Milwaukee Public Market.

Find more delicious chocolates that make great gifts for holidays and special occasions all year:

Christmas Chocolates

Modern Christmas chocolates are hollow shells, crumbling in their package before anyone has a chance to enjoy them. Staying true to tradition, Kehr’s Candies makes Santas, Christmas trees and more from solid chocolate. Christmas chocolates from Kehr’s are hand poured into some of the same molds used years ago by B.D. Kehr.

Kehr’s Candies offers:

  • Chocolate Santas
  • Chocolate Christmas Trees

Milwaukee’s finest chocolatiers offer Christmas chocolates as individual treats or as assorted Christmas gift baskets. Visit our storefront in the Milwaukee Public Market for more delicious Christmas chocolates.

Easter Chocolates

Kids these days are lucky to get a flavorless milk chocolate rabbit on Easter, and typically get some loose candies in a plastic egg. Continuing the legacy B.D. Kehr started in 1930, Milwaukee’s finest chocolatiers create the best Easter chocolates each year. Kehr’s Candies still hand pours the finest chocolate available into classic molds, offering customers a sweet taste of an earlier era. 

Kehr’s Candies offers:

  • Chocolate Easter Eggs:
    • Mint Meltaway
    • Pecan Meltaway
    • Caramel
    • Vanilla Marshmallow
  • Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Every Easter, the chocolatiers at Kehr’s Candies make delicious treats using the finest ingredients possible. Our decadent chocolates are available as individual treats or as assorted Easter gift baskets. Visit our storefront in the Milwaukee Public Market to buy Kehr’s delightful Easter chocolates.

Valentine’s Day Chocolates

Never worry about giving waxy stale chocolates as a gift to the one you care most about. Our assortment of chocolates will guarantee a smile on your Valentine’s face. Coming in half and full pound boxes are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Kehr's Candies offers:

  • Variety Heart Boxes:
    • Half Pound of Assorted Chocolates
    • Pound of Assorted Chocolates
  • Valentine's Nonpareils - Bulk

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Chocolates

Any mass-produced candy company can claim their chocolate is the best way to show your parents you care. Kehr's Candies makes chocolates fresh in our Milwaukee factory - NEVER worry about getting stuck with a box that’s been sitting on the shelf for months. We provide the best specialty chocolate dessert for both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. From chocolate boxes to custom assortments, you’ll be able to get your Mom or Dad exactly what they want.

Birthday Chocolates

We have the selection of chocolates and other sweets for any occasion, whether it’s a sophisticated event calling for dark chocolate or a light-hearted celebration where sprinkles and caramels are a better choice. Our candy is freshly made in our Milwaukee factory - extra points for the best chocolate birthday gift your loved one has gotten this year!

Wedding Chocolates

Set your wedding and reception apart with our delicious chocolates from Kehr’s Candies.  Our handmade chocolates will leave a smile on the guests as they celebrate your wedding day.  Bulk orders available to make sure that even the largest wedding gets to take part.

Buy decadent chocolates online or visit us in the Milwaukee Public Market!