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Gourmet Chocolate Design Keys

The Meaning behind Chocolate Shapes and Swirl Designs

Kehr’s Candies has been the destination for Milwaukee’s finest chocolates since 1930. Our chief candymaker Paul Martinka uses the same high-quality ingredients and keeps the traditions going strong.

Kehr’s chocolates are all hand-dipped, with the shape of the chocolates and swirl designs remaining constant throughout the years. Use our design keys described inside the pamphlet included in your order to determine the delectable insides before taking the first bite, or let yourself be surprised!

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Gourmet Meltaway Swirl Design Key

Kehr's meltaways are truffle-like delights. They are one of our most popular chocolates available – mint meltaways being the most popular flavor.

See our meltaway swirl designs:

Gourmet Meltaways Swirl Design Keys