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Specialty Candies for Every Sweet Tooth

Almond Bark
Chocolate on roasted salted almonds in 2 inch x 2 …
Angel Food
Starting at $11.95
Decadent chocolate covered sponge candy.
Chocolate Almond Clusters
Starting at $16.50
Almonds dipped in milk, dark, or blended chocolate
Chocolate Covered Caramel
Starting at $16.50
Hand cut and hand dipped caramels in our blended d…
Chocolate Covered Pretzel Box
Pretzel rods covered in chocolate
Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cookie Box
Starting at $12.98
Chocolate crème filled sandwich cookies dipped in …
Chocolate Macadamia Clusters
Starting at $17.95
Macadamia nuts dipped in delicious chocolate
Coconut Almond Patties
Delicious chocolate coconut almond patties.
Dark Ginger Candy
Crystalized ginger covered in our blended dark cho…
Giant Peanut Butter Meltaways
Starting at $19.95
Starting at $12.50
Chocolate discs with a crunchy candy topping.
Orange Peel
Starting at $33.95
Candied orange peel covered in our dark blend or m…
Party Pretzel Box
Starting at $16.98
Pretzel rods covered in chocolate with seasonal ca…
Peanut Patties
Starting at $13.95
Perfect blend of sweet and salty
Sea Salt Caramel
Starting at $16.50
The perfect amount of sea salt on a chocolate cove…

Chocolate for Every Special Occasion and Holiday

Kehr’s has a wide variety of specialty items for sale online and available for bulk ordering. All of our specialties are made with handcrafted milk or dark chocolate. Our most popular specialty products include:

Don’t forget to check back around Christmas and Easter for a selection of seasonal chocolates!

Visit us in the Milwaukee Public Market to purchase larger boxes or discover candies not always available online.

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