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Nuts with Chocolate

Almond Clusters
Starting at $16.50
Almonds dipped in milk or dark chocolate
Cashew Caramel Delight
Starting at $16.50
Out of Stock
Roasted and salted cashews, chewy caramel and melt…
Cashew Clusters
Starting at $16.50
Cashews dipped in milk or dark chocolate
Coconut Almond Clusters
Starting at $16.50
Delicious Milk or Dark chocolate coconut almond cl…
Delicious chocolate coconut almond patties.
3lb Box Espresso Beans, Dark Chocolate Covered
Macadamia Clusters
Starting at $17.95
Macadamia nuts dipped in delicious chocolate
Nut Box, Assorted
Starting at $16.50
Chocolate covered nut clusters including roasted a…
Box of 6 Meltaway Bar with Peanuts
Peanut Patties
Starting at $13.95
Perfect blend of sweet and salty
Pecan Caramel Delight
Starting at $16.50
Roasted and salted pecans, chewy caramel and melt-…
Pecan Clusters
Starting at $16.50
Pecans dipped in milk or dark chocolate
Pecan Meltaway Squares
Starting at $13.50
Milk chocolate square made to melt in your mouth f…
Starting at $16.50
Almond butter toffee dipped in chocolate
6 Pack of White Chocolate Almond Patty
6 Pack of White Chocolate Macadamia Patty