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Popular Choices from Our Chocolate Shop

Angel Food
Starting at $13.49
Decadent milk or dark chocolate covered sponge can…
Candied Orange Peel
Starting at $33.95
Candied orange peel covered in our dark blend or m…
Ten delicious chocolate bars in milk or dark choco…
Chocolate Covered Caramel
Starting at $16.50
Hand cut and hand dipped caramels in our blended d…
Pretzel rods covered in chocolate
Chocolate crème filled sandwich cookies dipped in …
Crystalized ginger covered in our blended dark cho…
Gummy Bears
Delicious Gummy Bears in 12 fruit flavors
Irish Cream Meltaways
Starting at $13.50
A chocolate Meltaway square flavored with Irish Cr…
Mint Meltaways
Starting at $13.50
A chocolate meltaway flavored with natural mint oi…
Party Pretzel Box
Starting at $16.98
Out of Stock
Pretzel rods covered in chocolate with seasonal ca…
Pecan Caramel Delight
Starting at $16.50
Roasted and salted pecans, chewy caramel and melt-…
15 Flavor Assortment of Salt Water Taffy
Sea Salt Caramel
Starting at $16.50
The perfect amount of sea salt on a chocolate cove…
Three Pound Box of Milk or Dark Chocolate covered …
Variety Pack Box
Starting at $14.95
Our most popular box includes caramels, meltaways,…

Milwaukee’s Most-Loved Chocolates

Chocolate from Kehr’s Candies is sure to please! Our in-store customers have especially loved:

Most of our chocolates are available in milk, dark, or a mix of both dark and milk chocolates. Order boxes in ½lb, 1lb, or 2lb boxes, or stop into our Milwaukee chocolate shop to purchase larger boxes up to 5lbs!

Surprise a loved one or indulge in something sweet. All of our candies are made with care; no matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong!

Check out all chocolate products available for sale online from our chocolate shop based in Milwaukee.