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The Best Chocolate for Birthdays

Assorted Meltaways Box
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Chocolates available with seven different flavored…
Party Pretzel Box
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Pretzel rods covered in chocolate with seasonal ca…
Variety Pack Box
Starting at $14.95
Our most popular box includes caramels, meltaways,…

Find the perfect chocolate box for his or her birthday

Kehr’s chocolate is the perfect way to celebrate any occasion, but birthdays are extra special. We have dark chocolate birthday gifts perfect for that special someone, and assorted milk chocolate candies to satisfy any sweet tooth. Don’t buy the big name, mass-produced candy that has been sitting on the shelf for months. Our candy is freshly made in our Milwaukee factory - extra points for the best chocolate birthday gift your loved one has gotten this year!

Need to stock an entire birthday party?

Our boxed chocolates are available online in 1/2lb, 1lb and 2lb sizes. Choose from a variety of flavors of our chocolate boxes in bulk - great for sending party guests home with a sweet souvenir. If you need more chocolate (we think everyone needs more chocolate!) come down to our store in the Milwaukee Public Market for chocolate boxes up to 5lbs. No matter how many people you need to feed, the scent of decadent birthday chocolate filling our store is enough to visit us anyway!

Kehr's chocolate creations are the perfect accompaniment to any type of birthday party, including:

  • Kid's birthday
  • Milestone surprise party
  • Sweet 16
  • Golden birthday
Contact our expert Milwaukee chocolatiers to find the perfect chocolate box for any birthday gift.