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Valentine's Day Candy

Valentine's Candy - Bulk
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Valentine's Day Chocolates 1/2lb Boxes
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Valentine's Nonpareils - Bulk
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10 or more boxes of nonpareils with pink, red and …

Don’t Ruin a Perfect Valentine’s Day by Giving Bad Chocolate

Everything has gone the way you planned. Your evening was perfect, the food was perfectly cooked and you give your loved one their favorite sweet, chocolate. They bite, they smile, they close the box and it stays that way for the next week till it is unceremoniously thrown out.

Don’t let this happen to you. Chocolates from Kehr’s are always sold fresh and made locally at our Milwaukee factory. With a variety of flavors and styles we are sure to have the perfect assortment of chocolates to make any Valentine’s sweet.

The chocolatiers at Kehr’s Candies make unique treats and specific Valentine’s Day gift baskets. Visit our storefront in the Milwaukee Public Market for more delicious Valentine’s Day chocolates.